Preventing Gun Violence

It’s time. We all know it.

Gun violence has destroyed too many lives for far too long. We deserve lawmakers who are willing to stand up and pass reasonable reforms to help prevent any more people from becoming victims. These are a few of the improvements I’ll be pushing for as your representative.

Increasing Personal Accountability

Many gun owners take pride in the meticulous care they put into firearm safety, but the reality is gun ownership increases the risk of death and injury to others. Even in the hands and homes of the most responsible people, guns can cause unintended harm.

It is reasonable for us to expect that anyone in our state who wants to purchase a gun has been thoroughly trained to own and operate it responsibly. Likewise, all gun owners should be licensed and periodically tested to ensure they’re physically, mentally, and emotionally fit to keep and use a firearm without posing a risk to others. Gun owners should be required to register their firearms and carry liability insurance for them to protect against involuntary harm they may cause to others.

Keeping Guns out of Dangerous Hands

In addition to expanding and improving upon background checks, we should take additional measures to prevent guns from reaching the hands of those who are most likely to use them to commit crimes. This includes closing loopholes in federal laws, which, among other gaps, don’t provide sufficient protection for victims of domestic violence.

Eliminating weapons of war

Weapons of war have no place in a modern, civilized society. It’s time to get them out of our state. In addition to a statewide ban on assault weapons, we should also place reasonable limits on the number of bullets a firearm can hold and prohibit the sale or possession of accessories that make guns more dangerous than they already are.

Embracing technology

As technology continues to pervade every industry, we should have gun laws that harness new technological innovations to help keep us all safe. This includes embracing smart guns, which can only be fired after being unlocked by the gun’s authorized user.

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