Women's Rights in North Carolina

We need to stop using legislation as a means to control women. Passing laws to impose an arbitrary set of values on them is beyond archaic. Instead, we should be listening to them and shaping laws based on their input, especially the laws that affect them, their bodies, and their lives. As your representative, I promise to fight for policies that support and empower women.

Cut through the politics

For too long, the debate about reproductive rights has orbited around politically charged buzzwords that have become so overused that they have lost all their nuance and depth. To move forward, we need to be reframing the entire conversation, because the truth is, for most people, it’s not as simple as being pro-life or pro-choice.

Disparaging courageous women and vilifying medical professionals as “anti-life” is an oversimplification that fails to give the issues of reproductive health and family planning the thoughtful reflection they deserve. Likewise, a hollow “pro-choice” stance can be equally superficial because it fails to acknowledge the fact that, regardless what of our laws say, choice simply doesn’t exist for many women.

Reproductive Justice

We need to be expanding the conversation to acknowledge the social, political, and economic factors that contribute to inequity among different groups of women. We need to be crafting policies built upon the understanding that reproductive decision-making is not a civil right; it’s a human right. This includes measures such as increasing access to reproductive healthcare for those who need it most, expanding and improving sex education, ensuring access to contraception, and most importantly, disrupting the systems that continue to keep women from controlling their own lives.

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