Nurturing Economic Growth

Education and Workforce Development

A healthy state economy requires an earnest commitment to public education. This includes strong K-12 schools, well-funded colleges and universities, modern workforce training, and high-quality early-childhood education. These measures all help bolster our economy, not only by preparing our kids to create the future we all deserve, but by making North Carolina a place where everyone feels like they can learn, work, and live any life they envision for themselves.

Economically Sound Policy

Our state has fallen prey to damaging, ideologically-driven policies too many times in recent years. The most well-known example is perhaps HB2 which cost us hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of jobs. We need to be crafting policies with a better eye toward the future. Our laws define not only who we are, but who we strive to be.

Local Autonomy

The state legislature has demonstrated a distressing pattern of micromanaging local matters for political reasons. If we want our economy to grow, our lawmakers should focus on statewide policies that serve the common good and leave our cities and townships to govern themselves. If our local communities want to pass ordinances to prevent discrimination or use inclusionary zoning to bring affordable housing to people who need it most, our state laws shouldn’t stand in the way.

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Election day is Tuesday, November 6, 2018. You can find more information on registration and voting by visiting the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections.

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