Smarter State Government

Our state deserves policies that make sense and legislators who understand how their decisions affect both the big picture and the everyday lives of folks in our communities.

Transparent Representation

We deserve legislators who engage with us, who do their work in the open, and who write laws with candor and integrity. Our representatives serve us, not political parties.

Progress for All

Our representatives should be champions for diversity and inclusion who work to amplify the unheard voices in our communities and who lead the charge for innovative ideas.

Key Issues

Creating the future North Carolina deserves will take commitment and effort from all of us. Progress is bigger than politics. It requires taking meaningful action together to effect change in the most impactful areas.

Protecting Democracy in Our State

Partisan politics has prevented us from making progress on important issues for too long. We deserve representatives who serve us, not their parties.

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Rebuilding Public Education

North Carolina's kids have paid the price for too many years of policies that undermine and dismantle our public education system. It's time to change that.

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Reforming our Justice System

Our state has an incredible opportunity to show the world how to prevent crime and how to respond to it positively.

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Protecting our Environment

We have a huge opportunity to invest in clean energy and reaffirm our commitment to protecting our natural resources and ecosystem.

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Women's Rights in North Carolina

To craft policies that truly support and empower women, we need to disrupt the suppressive systems that prevent them from controlling their own lives.

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Preventing Gun Violence

We deserve lawmakers who are willing to stand up and pass reasonable reforms to help prevent guns from destroying any more lives.

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People before profits

A strong and just state economy depends on a galvanizing mixture of strategic community investment, ecologically sound policy, and efficient local autonomy.

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Equality for All of Us

Our laws should ensure everyone enjoys the same protections and opportunities that all North Carolinians deserve, regardless of who we are, where we come from, who we love, or what we believe.

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